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Dreamline, as the name suggests, focuses on aligning your dreams of foreign study; work or settlement to reality. We make sure you take the right track to success. Once you apply through us, you can keep your worries at rest. We take it as our responsibility to get you offer-letters from colleges or employers, assist you with preparation of visa-petitions and finally get the right visa for you.
We are here to give you the finest consultancy in immigration and visa processing. Today, hundreds of people and families have settled in different countries like Hong Kong, Canada, Dubai, Denmark, New Zealand, and Australia etc through our services. We specialize in making a proper case for a rejected visa. We keep in consideration your personal and professional interests before recommending the right visa for you. We give consultation after thoroughly studying your background and also promise to solve every doubt and query about the process. We make sure you take the earliest flight to the country of your dreams. Dreamline is driven by a team whose primary objective is to assure you/your family and minimize anxiety through their expertise, skills and technological resources. Nowadays there are very frequent changes in laws and policies of immigration. Our up-to-date consultants detangle the complications in the processing and let you have a hassle free relocation in accordance with the evolving laws. Dreamline believes in long- lasting relationships and even after you relocate, we help you with various services if you wish so. We acknowledge that in this age, the horizons are stretching to greater limits. We assist you in your endeavor to advance your professional and personal lives to global levels. Dreamline India is your step towards success. All you have to do is, pick up your phone and call us at +91-11-454-52371 and see how your life takes a turn. Your dreams are just a call away!


We have crafted our services to cater to the individual needs of a person who wants to move overseas for work, study or immigration. We are highly customer oriented and make sure you get nothing but the best.


In today’s world it’s possible to study, work or live in any part of the world. To enable you, accomplish your dream, we provide quality immigration services to some of the best countries in the world –


How We Work

You : Contact Dreamline
Dreamline : Collects info  Does research  Presents/Suggests best options
You : Make choices
Dreamline : Makes sure you fulfill the criteria for immigration, work or study.
You : Once happy with our services, sign up with Dreamline.
Dreamline : Generates file for processing  Does further analysis  Generates profile report
You + Dreamline : Make informed future decisions of career/stay abroad
Dreamline : Always with you for any assistance or guidance.

Why Choose Dreamline

  • We make this complex process of immigration to a foreign land, hassle-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Visa processing is a meticulous job and even a small error can prove costly, lead to long delays or complete rejection. We do our best to guarantee that there is no way; the visa officer can reject you.
  • We keep in mind every individual’s qualifications, interests, needs and financial as well as personal background.
  • We provide a wide range of services like permanent residency visa, work permit, study visa, profile marketing etc. for all people irrespective of religion, age or gender.
  • We are well updated with the changing policies as well as scholarships, sponsorships and occupation lists.
  • We keep complete transparency in working style and terms of payment.
  • You can rest assured of your career plans. Our consultants will always be with you at every step.

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