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Hong Kong Immigration

Today, the world wants to be Hong Kong. For Indians, the place is not even too far from their homeland. Immigrants who have settled there in last few years have benefitted so much that it has become every business man's dream destination. If you are looking to diversify your profession, then this is your place to be. With a high per capita income and supportive government policies, it has become a haven for financial sectors, specially the investors. Low taxation and free trade is an icing on the top. Apart from all this, residents have the benefit of a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere with top of the class educational and healthcare facilities.

  • Hong Kong, even though is a part of China, practices a high degree of autonomy from the mainland, with executive and legislative powers.
  • It is considered as the greatest city in the world. Experience larger than life display of modern technology. Be it Amusement parks, star lit sky scrapers, water transport; air conditioned walkways or new models of phones and cars.
  • Hong Kong enjoys the benefit of a free economy. They have almost insignificant tax rates in the city.
  • One of the globe's topmost financial centers, It also has the highest per capita income in the whole world.
  • Accessibility from India and friendly immigration policies makes Hong Kong a preferred oversees immigration destination. There is a vast Indian community residing in Hong Kong.
  • The city has high standards of healthcare, numerous international schools and a cosmopolitan environment.
  • Hong Kong offers special migration policies (General Employment Policy & General Points Test). Under these, skilled applicants don't need a prior job offer to migrate to Hong Kong.
  • Family members can be sponsored by one permanent resident to immigrate to Hong Kong. The family member must either be a spouse, dependent child under 18 or parent aged 60 or above.
  • The city has a lot to offer, to those in export-import sector, logistics and trade supporting services, such as product testing and inspection, arbitration and mediation, trade finance documentation and insurance.

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a quota-based entrant scheme in Hong Kong. It is meant for skilled individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to stay in Hong Kong in order to pursue professional career and start up businesses respectively. Dreamline helps you through complete procedure to get you a visa and settle you in the country till you are comfortable.

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