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Singapore Immigration

Singapore is one of the leading financial hubs in the world. Its unique location makes it a perfect gateway for big and small companies to have access to other parts of Asia, besides the Middle East. High paying jobs makes the destination favorable for professionals. The superior standard education arrangement caters to every type of student. The city-country is far from extremities politically and weather-wise. Best part of Singapore is excellent transportation. You can travel from one end to the other in about an hour with public transport and hence can survive without a vehicle. If you wish to settle in Singapore, you are most welcome to the happiest place in Asia.

  • Singapore is one of the most advanced and hi-tech cities in the world. It is hungry for skills, knowledge, experiences and talents.
  • Excellent infrastructure, great food, entertainment and dependable transportation system are a few things that set a better standard of living in Singapore.
  • Tax rates are amongst the lowest in the world. Thus, giving businesses and individuals more disposable funds for growth or expenditure.
  • Once a citizen of the nation, there are various benefits in sectors such as education, healthcare, housing, transport and employment.
  • Singapore enjoys a tropical and friendly climate all round the year. No extreme weather conditions and no natural disasters.
  • Strong networking within all groups and communities is a way of life. Singapore has a multi cultural environment.
  • You don't need a car to move around. Such is the effectiveness of transport system in Singapore.
  • There are many global schools, colleges and universities. Also, there are several polytechnics and institutions for training of specialized skills. Students from various nationalities study here.
  • Singapore is far from crime. There are strict law enforcements, which makes it one of the safest cities in the world at all times.
  • Immigration policies are simple. A migrant is eligible for citizenship within two years of staying as a permanent resident.
  • Singapore citizens can travel to a varied number of destinations without going through visa requirements.
  • Government transparency due to lack of opposition, also leads to stable economic and financial policies. A plus point for businesses and investors.

If you wish to raise a family abroad, Singapore is a great choice. A Landed Permanent Resident Visa allows you as well as you family to stay in the country. Get excellent visa services for Singapore by our consultants at Dreamline.

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